On 08/18/04 10:22 AM, Joshua Lewis sat at the `puter and typed:
> I ran a cvsup this morning and now when running a make index I get several
> errors. I also am getting several errors when running a make search
> key=mono |more
> I figured I would just clean out the ports dir and start over. However I
> don't want to go though and remove everyfile and ever dirrectory from the
> ports tree. And the man for rmdir only has a -p switch.

Not sure what the question is, but I gather you're looking for the
remove recursive?

Be careful with this one:
rm -rf <whatever>

Just don't use '*' for <whatever>.  If you inadvertently use that from
the wrong place, you'll loose a lot more than you bargained for.

Before you do that though, just go to the ports directory and type:
make fetchindex
which will go get an updated INDEX file.

I also seem to remember there is a problem rebuilding the index when
you have ports subdirectories in the refuse file.  I had a similar
problem in 5.2.1, but I don't remember ever rebuilding the index in


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