My FreeBSD server is on a mirrored pair of 160GB drives. I have been doing partial backups by simply copying data and important config files to CD-RW, but I wanted a way to back up the complete filesystem too, so I could restore in case of disaster.

To that end I purchased a hard disk in an external USB 2.0 case, and I plan to do weekly backups to it. However, I have never had to mess with disk management beyond simply installing the OS, so I am not sure how to mount the new drive, much less dump the entire live filesystem to it. (Is dump even the right command? Would dd be more appropriate?)

Can anyone point me to a relevant tutorial, or provide a command summary? (FYI, the motherboard is an ECS L7VTA, and a USB mouse works, so I assumed I would be able to get a USB hard drive working too... I also have an empty removable hard drive rack, but it is not hot swappable, hence my desire to use USB.)

Many thanks in advance!

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