>I'm planning on making two partions for data found on /usr:
>Does this stretegy sound at all intelligent?

Yes, it sounds like a good plan for all the reasons you stated.

>I'm planning on making /usr 4G, and /usr2 6G.  Does that sound sane?

I'm running 5.2.1 with X, apache, samba, and 162 ports installed and
df is reporting usage at 2.5 gig including the usr/src directory.  It
sounds like under your configuration a 4G /usr will result in a little
less than 50% usage, which is reasonable to allow growth although it
could be argued that /usr could be decreased a bit.  My current src
tree is weighing in at 375MB.  My ports directory is coming in at 351MB.
So 6G for the src disk sounds like a lot.  But disk space is cheap so
if you've got it, go for it.

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