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> Subject: Re: Courier-IMAP Version?
> Matt LaPlante wrote:
> >I've been working on an old FreeBSD mail server that was configured by a
> >previous sysadmin.  I've attempted to update the Courier-IMAP software,
> but
> >I can't figure out how to verify the installation.  The system was very
> >poorly documented, and I want to be sure the server is actually running
> the
> >newest version.  It's happened to me once or twice before where software
> was
> >installed to an un-standard location, or binaries/configs weren't
> properly
> >updated, so the previous software was actually running instead of the new
> >software.  Unfortunately, I haven't found a way to determine the running
> >version of Courier-IMAP.  Most apps just have a command line -version
> option
> >or will tell you the version if you query them.  How can I make sure the
> >IMAP server that's running is the latest version?  Thanks.
> >
> >
> See if "imapd --version" helps you. It works on mine (I'm apparently
> using version 3.0.2).
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As a matter of fact, it did.  I could swear it didn't work last time I tried

It's not in the man page though, which I KNOW I checked before I wasted your
time.  Thanks. :)


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