> From: Greg 'groggy' Lehey
> Can anybody recommend a good mouse?  My criteria are:
> - Middle button easy to use.  The current crop of mice has the middle
>   button integrated with the roller, and that makes the middle button
>   either heavy or easy to confuse with the roller.
> - Preferably cordless.  Cord mice tend to wander a little when you let
>   go of them, and that's a real nuisance on a high-resolution display.

I have a Logitech MX700.  Very solid mouse, excellent performance and
rechargable battery life.  It can also run on standard alkalines (though
you can't charge them).  The mouse is heavier than most, but this seems
to help with making smooth movements.  The weight makes some of the more
fervid in-game mouse maneuvers a bit tiresome on the wrist, though.

It does integrate the middle button with the wheel.  But there is hope!
The force needed to press the wheel-button isn't much more than that of
the right and left buttons.  The return spring on the wheel housing can
be easily removed.  Doing so makes the return tension the same as the
left and right buttons without affecting the wheel's functionality.

It also has five additional buttons which are presented as separate
buttons (6 through 10, in xf86config).  They could be mapped to the
middle button if you don't want to do surgery on your mouse.

I've used the MX700 in 5.1 with XF86 4.3.x with great success.  The only
thing I couldn't get to work was the AppSwitch button, but I ended up
never needing to use it anyway.

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