On Tuesday, 17 August 2004 at 11:38:33 -0400, Duane Winner wrote:
> Hello,
> Hey, does anybody know of any useful tricks for automating xtset or
> xtermset?
> I use xtset to set the title and icon labels to [EMAIL PROTECTED]:path so I can
> keep track of my xterms littered all over my desktop (pretty frequent! :)
> But it sure would be nice to have them updated whenever I 'cd' to
> another directory or 'su' to another user or 'ssh' to another host!
> I'm sure there's got to be someway to make this a little more seamless
> then running # xtset [EMAIL PROTECTED]:`pwd` everytime, but I'm just not good enough
> with shell programming to know how to do this.
> The closest I came was writing a small bash script that does:
>    for filename in /dev/ttyp*; do
>       /usr/local/bin/xtset [EMAIL PROTECTED]:`pwd` > "$filename"
>    done

Here's what I do (in .bashrc):

ssh ()
  xtset -t $*
  xtset -i "[EMAIL PROTECTED]:%D"
  command ssh $*
  xtset -t "%u (%T) %h:%D"
  xtset -i "[EMAIL PROTECTED]:%D"
cd ()
  command cd $*
  if [ $? = 0 ]; then
    xtset -t "%u (%T) %h:%D"
    xtset -i "[EMAIL PROTECTED]:%D"

  xtset -t "%u (%T) %h:%D"
  xtset -i "[EMAIL PROTECTED]:%D"

The last two lines set the initial heading.

Note also that you can set headings from another window: xtset writes
to its stdout, so this will do what you expect:

  xtset "Foo bah baz" >/dev/ttyp5

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