Eric Crist wrote:
Hello list,

I've seen a lot of posts over the past couple months regarding
installation of  I was wondering, is it that much better than
XFree86 that it's worth the hassle?  If so, what are those advantages?


Eric -

first up "worth the hassle"

1.) on a new install, (5.x, i don't run any 4.x systems anymore), there
is no hassle.  At least, no more than on XFree86.

2.) updating to on a previous XFree86 isn't all that difficult,
*if* all the instructions in ports/UPDATING are followed to the letter.
  Also, remember that it is a major upgrade to the system, and a lot of
libraries, so occasionally, linked applications can fail.  A simple
rebuild fixes this. (note:  "usually".  We should all recognise what
this one means)

second up "advantages"

1.) primarly, it's lisence is a bit more friendly to bsd, particularly
redistributing.  I'm not an expert, lots of people are, if your
interested in this, hit up google.

2.) it's an update of the x system (as of now anyway, XFree86 has a new
version too, which AFAIK, hasn't made it to ports yet.  i may be wrong
here).  I can't speak as to all the benefits, but i know for me at
least, it fixed an AGP device issue i had nicely.

the bottom line is, YMMV. but, is now the default in 5.x, so i suppose the "more" unofficial support method is to go with the default...

hope this helps.


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