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> Hello list,
> I've seen a lot of posts over the past couple months regarding
> installation of X.org.  I was wondering, is it that much better than
> XFree86 that it's worth the hassle?  If so, what are those
> advantages?

There are few advantages to it. The only reason I made the switch to
it was because for some bloody reason support for acecad tablets was
in the mouse driver for XFree86 making it impossible, afaik, to use it
like a tablet.  Other than that , I have seen no noticeable

There is a slight change in the licenses in XFree86 4.4, but nothing
to worry about. It just really provide a reason for a few ppl, all
ready annoyed, to get off their butts instead of whinging on about
XFree86 and actually go and split it off. As far as who is going to
win out, still not enough info to actually tell. But a lot of weight
appears to possible behind Xorg right now. But that can probally be
attributed to a lot of slashdot ppl throwing their weight behind it
because it is not XFree86, which most have a pointless irrational hate
of(or of X in general).
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