On Thursday 19 August 2004 12:50 am, Peter Ryan wrote:
> Has anyone got any idea what is the most
> commonly used database on freeBSD ?
> Is it mySql ?
> I was going to install it but the
> CPU utilitisation problems reported
> recently are a bit worrying.
> Thanks
> Peter

Hi Peter,

Caveat:  I am more familiar with postgresql.  It is currently my 
database of choice.  My opinions may show a certain bias.

Mysql is probably the most popular; but there are significant 
differences between database servers that are used on FreeBSD that 
should be considered.

The common, free, relational database servers include firebird, 
postgresql, mysql and sqlite.

Firebird is compatible with Borland's Interbase.

Mysql has the most documentation available in bookstores.  I don't think 
mysql is ACID compliant for all of its data table formats.  User 
administration is easier in mysql -- you can use wildcards when 
assigning database privileges to a user.

Postgresql is ACID compliant; and has features missing in mysql (boolean 
data type, stored procedures, nested queries, table inheritance, etc.). 
Postgresql is released under the BSD license.

I've heard that sqlite is really good as an embedded database.

If you need a crossplatform database:  firebird, mysql and sqlite have 
native versions available for Windows.  A Windows version of postgresql 
is in development.

There is much more information at each database's website.  Googling 
will take you far.

Please note that the version number for postgresql 7.5 has been changed 
to 8.0.0, which is currently in beta.

Best of luck,

Andrew Gould
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