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Date: Thursday, August 19, 2004 6:18 am


Does anybody have a clue or have hade any similar problems and/or who could shine some light on this problem?

Mvh Mattias Björk


Does your KVM support hotkey? I have another KVM switch erlier that did work better but It didn't have support for hotkey. But It did not work perfectly but atleast the mouse worked mutch better if you compare to this.

Yes, the hotkeys work as designed.

Aha okey, sometimes they don't work for me. Strange.

I came to the conclusion that the mouse will not work
through the KVM switch using FBSD, or at> > Aloha Mattias

Actually, I tried two with the same
problem you are alluding to. least I never
got it to.

I had bought one on the mainland last month. When I
couldn't get the mouse to work, I bought another here
on the Big Island. I acted the same so I returned it
and am using the original.

Okey, no help in chaning the mice for you either.

Or perhaps the KVM that I have been using are Crap or something in that direction.

Me Too!!

I have connected a mouse directly to each computer.

Forgot to mention that both rodents are usb.

What do you mean with rodents, you mean the mice right? Have to luck up the word to understand. :)

Then again its kind of dumb to have a KVM if you still have to use the mouse directly connected to the computer.

At least I don't have to have 2 monitors and 2 keyboards
on the desk.

Well it would be near impossible for me to have 4x keyboards,mice and 21" monitors. But then again I might get a switch just for keyboard and monitor, save space anyway.

What is the brand and model of your KVM?

"Made in China"

I guess you don't know, mine is LevelOne. Perhaps I should buy something more expensive. I think that I would be worth it, the price with cables for me was about 106 $. Perhaps It could be some interfarence that causes this problem.


Once again thanks for the answer.

Mvh Mattias Björk
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