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> Patrick Wheeler
> Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2004 10:35 PM
> Subject: Major Installation Problems
> I have FreeBSD 4.1 on CD that I am trying to install but
> can't. I have a 133MHZ Pentium processor with 64MB of RAM and
> a 2GB hard drive.
> When I boot to the CD, after the initial startup the Kernel
> Configuration Menu is displayed. I select the first option
> (Skip Configuration), and then text that appears to be my
> various hardware scrolls bye until it freezes. These are the
> last three lines of that output.
> pnaphy0: <Am79c978 HomePNA PHY> on miibus0
> pnaphy0: Home PNA
> pci0: <ATI Mach64-GT graphics accelerator> at 19.0
> The lines above the quoted output go through what appears to
> be recognizing my other hardware including my Voodoo2
> graphics card.  The first to lines of this output is my
> network card, and the last line is the on-board graphics
> chip.  The cursor then is displayed but nothing happens. The
> system just locks up. I have no clue what to do.
> Any assistance or advice you can offer would be greatly
> appreciated. Thank You in Advance, Patrick
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>   Patrick Wheeler

I would suggest checking out the freebsd HAL, or Hardware Compatibility
List on the site to see if anything conflicts with what you have.  If
you don't see anything, try one of two things:

1) Try a more recent version of FreeBSD (like 4.10 or 5.x)
2) Try removing unnecessary hardware until things work.  If you have a
PCI/AGP video card, try that and disable your on-board card, for

Post your results here and we can help you from there.


Eric F Crist

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