I didn't get any responses at all to this question (below).

Does that mean I asked it wrong, or that there isn't anyone
out there with an answer?

additional to the below, linux allows me to set an offset
to losetup, so under that OS I would:

            losetup o 16384 /dev/loop0 san32.img
            losetup o 28377088 /dev/loop1 san32.img 

What would the equivalent be in FreeBSD 4.10?

vnconfig doesn't seem to support offsetting...but is it vnconfig
I should even be looking at?




I've got an image of a 32mb compact flash card that I created by

dd if=/dev/ad3 of=./sanDisk.32Mb.image

Now, I want to mount that image and check it for validity, edit
it, etc, and then get it back onto the flash card.  I've already
worked out how to get it back onto a compact flash card (dd, or
if it is gzipped, then zcat).

But how can I mount it?  The format is a 28Mb slice (a) and a 4Mb
slice (e).  I've tried 

vnconfig vn0 sanDisk.32Mb.image


vnconfig vn0a sanDisk.32Mb.image

but fdisk tells me 'invalid superblock' when pointed at /dev/vn0[a].

How can I mount the two slices on different mount points?  Can I
do this at all?


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