> I am a newbie to FreeBSD
> I'm using an old machine right now with limited disk space, so I don't want to 
> install the entire ports collection.  I 
> want to build a custom port tree, and I'm finding the docs to be a bit silent on 
> this account as I guess nowadays disk 
> space is usually abundant so installing the entire port tree is the preferred route.
> Can someone give some basic guidance on:
> 1)  Do I install a compiler or does the basic FreeBSD install have it installed 
> already?

Already installed if you did a base install.

> 2)  How do I setup a single application port?

See this:


It described setting up perl 5.8 from a port, without all the other ports.

> 3)  Will I need to trace dependence or will make pull in the required libraries?

See above.

> 4)  Can I use CVsup to keep a limited number of ports up to date?

That I'm still looking at...stay tuned

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