>> Here is my .qmail, which runs SpamAssassin on the incoming e-mail for
>> this account:
>> |/usr/local/bin/spamassassin | /usr/local/bin/maildir /home/jon/Maildir/
>> #./Maildir/
> well, Jon, if you look above the "#" in a dot qmail file means to drop the
> email and not deliver.

I don't quite understand what you're saying.  The second line is commented
out; the first line tells qmail to pipe the e-mail through spamassassin,
then write the result to my Maildir (using maildir).

> also, you are running S/A as a very expensive daemon above, calling the
> main S/A for each mail received...

My server is a 1GHz Athlon that spends a lot of its time twiddling its

> If you must do it this way, please see
> http://www.magma.com.ni/~jorge/spamassassin.html

That's the page I got my .qmail config from.  The only difference is that
I don't use the '-P' flag since it's now the default for SA.

Just to emphasise: my Qmail/Spamassassin setup has worked fine for years;
it's only relatively recently that a very small number of e-mails have
been getting corrupted.

> I think a better way is to use the S/A client in a .qmail file, and have
> the S/A daemon running... A very nice way to do this is at.
> http://www.gbnet.net/~jrg/qmail/ifspamh/

Thanks, I'll take a look.



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