Greetings all...

I wanna know how much memory apache/php processes are effectively using
under freebsd... and how much they are sharing.

The ps or top commands seems to report just the maximum amount of memory,
and the resident memory (what's resident memory anyways??)

If I 'cat /proc/pid/map', I get a map of the memory used by the apache
processes but, it doesn't say what shared library or files are using a
particular block of memory:
# more map
0x8048000 0x80d1000 135 0 0xc673e000 r-x 16 2 0x4 COW NC vnode
0x80d1000 0x80d3000 2 0 0xc678e094 rw- 1 0 0x2184 COW NNC vnode
0x80d3000 0x80da000 5 0 0xc678e1bc rw- 1 0 0x2184 COW NNC default
0x80da000 0x817f000 114 0 0xc678df08 rwx 1 0 0x2184 COW NNC default
0x817f000 0x8185000 6 0 0xc678de74 rwx 1 0 0x2184 COW NNC default
0x8185000 0x8189000 1 0 0xc678dd4c rwx 1 0 0x2184 NCOW NNC default
0x880d1000 0x880e8000 23 0 0xc65bb818 r-x 67 26 0x4 COW NC vnode
0x880e8000 0x880e9000 1 0 0xc65db8ac rw- 14 0 0x184 COW NC vnode

In the case of /proc/pid/map above, what's the meaning of each column?

how can I find out which shared libraries, or files are being shared in
memory? I need to know the real amount of memory an application is gonna use
before going to production.

Thanks for any input.

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