I'm trying to set up a vpn from my office network to my home network. I'm
doing this by bringing up ppp through a ssh tunnerl.

I've got most of it working. I can access all teh machines at home from the
machine hosting ppp at work, and I can access that machine form all the
machines at home/ Yhere is where the problem comes in. In order to get this
working I had to add a route back to the office network number, _and_ the
local and remote ends of the ppp link (192.168.x.x addresses) in my default
router machine at home. I cna't do this at workk, and the packets leaving
the ppp host at work leave with the source address of 19.2.168.x.x. I was
hoping to use something like proxy arp to get past this, but i can't seem
to get it working.

Is this the wrong way to do this? How should I be doing it?

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