On Fri, Aug 20, 2004 at 10:42:38PM -0700, Daniel Beck wrote:

> Hi, I am pretty new to freeBSD, so please excuse this question.
> However, I have a laptop with only 4Mb of RAM, and I had read on the
> website that the last version that I could install on it would be the
> 2.7.1 release.  I have no possiblilty of getting any more RAM, and no
> other laptop to install another version of freeBSD on it, so i must
> get this version or another that would be supported.  I have looked
> around the freeBSD website, but have been unable to find a location
> where I can actually download the image for a bootdisk on my 386.  Any
> information where I could download this would be much appreiciated.

There is no such FreeBSD released as 2.7.1.

I think you mean 2.1.7, circa February 1997.  I can't say whether it
will run in 4 Mb though.  I'd be looking at getting another laptop

I Googled and found at the address below.  The FreeBSD web site
doesn't mention though, only 2.1.7.


There are also several other older versions here, including 2.1.7:


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