On Saturday 21 August 2004 13:46, R. W. wrote:
> I'm using 5.21 on a desktop computer with a dial-up modem. I tend to
> have several applications simultaneously sharing the connection, and
> I'm finding that this aspect isn't working as well as it does under
> windows 98.
> Under windows each tcp socket would tend to receive at about the same
> rate, and intermittent, interactive applications would quickly gain
> their fair share. Under FreeBSD a couple of sockets at a time tend to
> hog most of the bandwidth, and interactive applications get frozen
> out. I don't know what Windows is doing right, but I'm guessing it
> has some kind collective management of tcp window sizes, probably
> tied-in with the slow-start algorithm.
> Is there any relevant setting I can alter in FreeBSD 5.x  to improve
> it's behaviour?

Sorry, I sent two copies of this by mistake, when KMail crashed, please 
reply to the other. 
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