I'm trying to build a "vpn" from my home network to my work network.

So far I've managed to ge the ppp link (tuneled over ssh through socks)
between a mchine at work, and a machine at home. I've added routes to the
work network on the mahcine at home, and added routes back to the ppp
machine at home from my default router machien for bothe the work network
numbers, and the (192.168.x.x) addresses of bpth ends of the ppp link. So,
I can access any machien at home from the machine at work that originates
the ppp link, and I can access that amchien from any machine on my network
at home.

So far so good, however the remaining stumbling block is getting beyond
thta machine at work. The packets it puts on the woek network still have a
source address of 192.168.x.x. And of course amchiens at work don't have
nay idea how to get packets back to that network.

I need the machine at work to do something like "reverse NAT", thta is I
need for all the packets that it puts on the work network to have a src
address of thta machine, and I need it to be able to translate the reply
packets back to 192,168.x.x.

Can I do this with netgraph or soemthing?

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neither liberty nor safety."
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