I am finally getting around to setting up printing on a box I installed fbsd-5.2.1 on. I have two printers shared on a windoze network. No matter what I do to get an email message to print it always prints the postscript code. I am using apsfilter to set up printing, and the apsfilter test page prints fine no matter what driver I choose. This happens to both printers - one a Lexmark lazerjet and the other an Epson inkjet. I can print web pages just fine. All that was with printed via lpd. I have also installed samba and setup up printing via samba with the same results (using apsfilter again).
<rant>I have been using freebsd since 3.0 and it appears the printing setup has not changed a bit even in 5.2.1. When will this be brought in to the 21st century?</rant>

Anyway, what do I have to do to get emails to print?

Thanks and regards and getting frustrated,
Chip W.

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