I have obtained Sams Teach yourself FreeBSD which includes a Cd with FreeBSD 4.7 which the authors suggest is installed as you can then 'follow along' the book.

I have a machine with 2 Disks (60 Gb and 30Gb respectively) which already has Windows Me (and Slackware). Because of Windows not always behaving itself, I have split the 60Gb into (10Gb and 20Gb) for windows and 5Gb for slackware. These are primary partitions. An extended partition holds swap and /home logical partitions. Half of the remaining space of 10Gb was to be allocated to FreeBSD.

I started installation, went into the 'fdisk' to create a 'slice' of 5000M for FreeBSD. This was done. The next screen asked about bootmanagers, I asked for it and then the next screen gave the following message:

Disk slicing warning
Max one 'fat' allowed as child of whole

When I hit enter, no other option available, the installation returns me to the disk partitioning screen. This cycle repeats. The only way out is by cancelling the installation.

I have more than one fat partition to reduce chances of Windows crashing and spending hours in scandisk checking the various disks. Surely with the large disks now available, my problem is quite common? Am I right in assuming that FreeBSD does not allow more than one 'FAT' partition on any disk? Why?

Naturally this problem is NOT mentioned in the book!
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