I'm using a 4.10-STABLE based firewall, which is happily chugging along. It's sending it's daily messages to a local account via sendmail, which I check by logging in using an ssh connection.

I would like to have it send those mails to another mail server behind the firewall, but I'm curious recommendations for the best way to do that. I've looked at a couple of different ways:

1) Add the local domain DNS to it's list so it can find the IP of the local mail server. It seems like this would decrease the security of the firewall a bit.

2) The handbook has a section about setting up to send only using the mail/ssmtp port. This looks like my local mailer needs to resolve somehow (/etc/hosts??) on my firewall

3) Is there a way to convince sendmail to send to something like [EMAIL PROTECTED] I could just put that in my existing aliases file and not have to install anything more.

4) Better options??

I appreciate recommendations you can provide or any pointers to existing information to help me figure out the best solution.

Joe Kraft

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