Hope you can point me in the right direction with this
problem.  I find the following error message when
running Mozilla:

LoadPlugin: failed to initialize shared library
Undefined symbol "_vt$16nsQueryInterface"]

The mozilla ports directory indicates that I will receive an
error message similar to this unless I first install the java/jdk13
port.  I thought I had installed that port some time ago and
when I checked the /usr/local/jdk1.3.1/jre/plugin/i386/ns600
directory, I found the the following two files:

316497 Feb 8 2004 libjavaplugin_oji.so and,
2360600 Feb 8 2004 libjavaplugin_oji_g.so

I also ran pkg_info and found:

/var/db/pkg/jdk-1.3.1p9_4 and,
(I run 4.9 RELEASE which according to the
ports app list, supports jdk-1-3.1p8_2)

Also noticed I have the following two source files:

/usr/ports/distfiles/j2sdk-1_3_1-src.tar.gz and,
(The linux file is date-stamped Feb 8.)

Quite messy, I admit.

My first thought was to get rid of the linux files and
deinstall/reinstall the jdk13 port.  However, it looks
like this may force an upgrade to 4.10 if the only file
provided by Sun is the jdk-1.3.1p9_4 version which
may be a problem with my 4.9 RELEASE.

Am I making a mountain out of a molehill here?
Any advice?

Bob Perry

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