> it was said:
> >Sorry if this is not quite the place for this question but I'm at
> my
> >wits ends here. I need viable Horizontal sync ranges and vertical
> >refresh rates for my compaq presario laptop 1200-XL118 (13" HPA
> >screen, Trident Cyberblade i7 video card)and I have not been able
> to
> >find them anywhere. They are not in the online product manuals and
> the
> >compaq support people have given me ranges that don't work after
> >telling me the info doesn't exist. I have been guessing away and
> >getting close. Is there some sort of autodetect utility? Is my
> >hardware not supported?
> Thanks ahead of time,
> Oliver Gould

Hi Oliver,
I have just got over a similar problem on
my first installation of freeBSD. My experience
might help you.

I reinstalled or started fBSD many many times 
without solving this horizontal/vertical problem.
I wasnt too impressed either :).  I think the 
difficulty came because I selected the first option in the "Config X-server" list 
(xf86cfg). I entered many
variations of the horiz/vertical options
because i could not find the sync rate information 
anywhere on the net for my kit. Nothing worked.

Then i noticed someone recommended using the 
second option on the "Config X-server" list,
"xf86cfg - textmode".
Using this method, I got through first time, and
I just took a guess at the rates. I used 
31.5-64.3 for horizontal and 50-70 for vertical.

So for me, I think the real problem was that I
was not using something that built the config
file properly (or simply), ie I should have used
xf86cfg - textmode from the start.

I still dont know what the horizontal and vertical
rates are for my kit, but it doesnt seem to matter now.

Hope this helps

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