> Does the BIOS program show these disks?

> Did you "skip kernel configuration"?  This box might be
> old enough to have some driver conflicts that the kernel
> can't resolve without your help...I'd certainly think that
> to be a possibility with the dmesg stating "unable to allocate
> interrupt".  Try changing the hardware config, either in
> the "kernel configuration" screen, or by removing some
> ISA card via the BIOS, or even physically, and see what
> happens.

Actually, the BIOS program does in fact show the disks (as C & D.) And 
I didn't skip the kernel configuration; rather, like a good newbie, I 
did as the FreeBSD Handbook (Chapter 2) suggested and selected visual 
mode and looked at the drivers--it showed no conflicts at all, 
actually, which sort of surprised me since everything I had read up to 
that point had suggested that a number of conflicts were to be 


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