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> Subject: laptop pccard ethernet
> I have a laptop with fbsd 4.10.


> it seems that altho it boots and recognises the PCMCIA ethernet
> card, that it never successfully executes the ifconfig for
> IP number and gateway.


> I have to enter these two commands manually _after_ it completes
> booting, and all ethernet activities are fine after that.


> is it possible that during the booting sequence the PC card
> recognition is too late in the process? 

> Are the rc.conf command
> line entries "order specific". (I always thought that they are noa)t.

> Any tips would be appreciated
> Jim
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1) posting your rc.conf, and card details and the relevant bits of dmesg
would help.

But long time since I ran 4.x on my laptop but istr

man pccardd

will tell you about the -z flag

which will delay daemonizing  pccard until it has probed
and attatched to your card 
and a quick snoop around /etc/defaults/rc.conf 
would tell you about pccard_ifconfig="NO"
which I think you either need to set to "DHCP"
or something like 
pccard_ifconfig="inet netmask"

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