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Hi Troy,

> I don't know if this is the right answer, but if you have to manually
> specify the root partition, it's because the kernel can't find the root
> partition to even read fstab.  I can't say that I've seen this before, or
> even know how to overcome it.
> Did this behavior also exist before you updated to STABLE?

It sure existed! That is the reason I updated to STABLE in the first
place. My plan was:

1. Install minimal system from CD (4.10) - I did that and the problem
   was there with the GENERIC kernel.

2. Overwrite this with the contents of a disk that runs -STABLE.
   I did that as well but the problem did not go away.

So I compiled a kernel with support for "amr" but that does not
solve it as well.

It's important to say that I have two disks on this hardware, running
as two individual virtual disks in RAID 0. (This is my first hardware
with RAID anyway, so I must say I am not any familiar with RAID).

> BTW, I just did an install and an update to STABLE on very similar hardware
> (MegaRAID 466), and it worked fine.

May I please take a look at your dmesg output??

> I also have an HP branded card, but I've not used it in an install yet.

What is that "branded card"?


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