Mark Jayson Alvarez said:
> 4. Do you happen know any good link where I can learn
> how to write shell scripts so that I may be able to
> start an application at boot time by putting it in
> "/usr/local/etc/rc.d" (ex: httpd)

Here's one that I reference quite frequently:

See also the man page for sh. (FreeBSD man pages are really quite good. You
would do well to become familiar with them.) You have to be careful when you
look around for documentation on the Bourne Shell (sh), however, because the
vast majority of the shell scripting docs on the web are written for the
Bourne *Again* Shell (bash). bash contains numerous features that not present
in sh. You can use bash to write your own scripts, but all of FreeBSD's shell
scripts are written for sh.

> I'm just a fresh graduate and I'm still learning many
> things by myself in preparation for future career in
> IT. it's a sad fact, but I may have to admit that my
> professors in college have just thought us the
> "basics" in our field. Any help coming from you would
> be very much appreciated...

That's typically how it goes in college. They give you the theory but the
implementation is up to you. By learning FreeBSD, you've already got a leg up
on your peers. Just having FreeBSD and Linux on my resume got me a couple of
interviews from prospective employers running pure Windows shops because they
believed that experienced Unix people typically have a better understanding of
how computers and networks actually work than your average Windows person. And
they're absolutely right.

Charles Ulrich
System Administrator
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