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: I have tried several times now to compile a GENERIC kernel on
: 4.10-STABLE with dgm0 (Digi Ports/16em, PCI version!) enabled, and have
: had no luck. Can anyone give me pointers? Right now, it's not showing up
: in dmesg (no errors, no warnings, nothing). The config line I have been
: using is below (but it's the one straight out of LINT). I've done a lot
: of googling and maillist searching; most of the documentation is for the
: ISA version, and not the PCI version. I've tried chaning 'at isa?' to
: 'at pci?' with no luck.
: device          dgm0    at isa? port 0x104 iomem 0xd0000

Try 'digi' instead.  The various drivers were merged into digi.

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