On 23 Aug, 2004, at 13:16, Robert Huff wrote:

Curtis Vaughan writes:

 Finally, while I'm reinstalling 4.8, I would like to know
 something about the following.
 It seems to me that cvsup is actually downloading the entire
 repository of packages for FreeBSD.  Is that really what one has
 to do to perform an upgrade?

Cvsup updates what you tell it to update - if you ask correctly, as little as a single file.
                                                  It seems like what you would need
 to do is merely upgrade those packages necessary for the latest


then upgrade the kernel,


                                                                 then upgrade all 
 packages.  (Packages meaning ports, right?)

"ports". And that's right, except .... Once you've installed the ports tree (say from CD) do one run of cvsup to bring the tree up to date. This may be a fairly large update, but will not be everything because some ports haven't changed in years. Afterwards, you can run another update once a week, or once a month. (Once a month is stretching it, because some popular ports get updated very frequently.) If there are parts of the ports tree you don't care about (e.g. vietnamese or mbone) there are ways to tell cvsup to ignore that entire sub-tree.

        Did this answer your question?  (And if not, can you be more

Robert Huff

I think so for now. Thanks!


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