At 12:00 8/23/2004, Moti Levy wrote:
>W. D. wrote:
>>Hi folks,
>>What would be the way to copy all files and subdirectories
>>from one directory to another--preserving the time stamp
>>and other attributes?
>>It seems that 'cp' usually puts a time stamp of the 
>>current date and time.
>>Would this work?
>>cp -r -p -@ /some/source/directory/* /some/target/directory/

>try using tar ,
>cd /some/source/directory/
>tar cfP - *|(cd /some/target/directory/ ; tar xfP - )

Thanks, Moti!  I tried this but got an error:

  tar: You may not specify more than one '-Acdtrux' option

So, I googled for:

and found a neat LinuxMafia page.  I sucessfully tried this:

  rsync -av /some/source/directory/ /some/target/directory/

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