Jay O'Brien wrote:

> I'm trying to read the 'paper.ascii' file contained in 
> /usr/share/doc/psd/12.make/paper.ascii.gz and it is 
> a mess. This is a tutorial on "make". I've unzipped 
> the file in a WinXP machine and I can't find a display 
> tool that will not show the formatting stuff in the file. 

Thanks to all for the fixes; they all work except lynx, 
apparently because lynx isn't present. I didn't realize 
there's such a difference in "plain ascii" between FreeBSD 
and Windows. 

Now that I can read the file, I see that it isn't what I 
thought it would be; it is referred to at the end of MAN 
MAKE and I thought it would be useful, as it was called a 
"tutorial". It reads like a foreign language to me, however, 
as I don't (yet) have the basic understanding of "MAKE" that 
it expects.

This all started as follows: I did a make install clean of 
XFree86, hoping to start over and take another shot at LCD 
display parameters. The message I received said it was 
already installed, and "You may wish to 'make deinstall' 
and install this port again by 'make reinstall' to upgrade 
it properly. I want to know how 'make deinstall' and 'make 
reinstall' operate before I use them. But that's another 

Jay O'Brien

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