* Spidey Knepscheld <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [0828 11:28]:
> Hi Guys
> I have to FreeBSD boxes next to each other and would like to copy a
> directory from the mail server to the firewall.I have root access to
> both the PC's.The directory on the mail server is /home/www/trafd and I
> would like to copy it to the fw to /usr/ports/net/ . Here is the command
> I tried :
> scp /home/www/trafd  <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]: /usr/trafd

I assume the mailto link is sowe crap inserted by your mailer?
Also there shouldn't be a space between the colon and the /usr/trafd, and
you'd need a -r flag to recursively do it.

Also , tell us what error you got - I'd assume you aren't allowed to ssh as root into 

> Please if someone can help

try rsync, that's much faster than scp:

rsync -vaz -e ssh /home/www/trafd [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/trafd
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