"james heck" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I just installed 5.2.1 via download onto cdr media. I left about 10 gigs 
> open for freebsd, and left 9 for my win2000. the dual boot works fine on my 
> dell laptop, however when i go to load freebsd 5.2.1, i cant get into a 
> graphical interface. Instead it stays in a "dos-like" interface with 
> commands only.

Bite your tongue!

Microsoft tried for _years_ to make the DOS command line as powerful as
a Unix shell and failed miserably.

> It recognizes my user name and the admin name of root, but 
> there is only a command line and no background. i installed cd1, i have a 
> boot only and a second disc which i have not installed. please point me in 
> the correct direction


Once you've read that, if you hit problems following the instructions,
don't hesitate to ask specific questions on this list.  We'll be happy
to help.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies
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