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I am wondering if there is any official cert or course for BSD


operating systems. Something like RedHat RHCE in Linux and their
official courses

Having a paper on hand doesn't mean you know and
NOT having also doesn't mean you don't know,
But most employer now days look for that paper

Human Resources looks for the paper, (which may be what gets
you in the door), but the IT manager wants to see what you can do.

<>NJIT offers open source unix certification (and it's
recognized/endorsed by
the FreeBSD Foundation)

avaiable both online and in classroom.

ICK! seems a little pricey if you just want a cert...

Write them a note and see what they can offer you that you can't
find elsewhere, I am.

They offer training and classes that come with a cert afterwards, from what I can tell. Would be nice just to see a place that offers just a cert and no classes.

If I read the site correctly, they offer both classroom and, what
they call, eLearning for their Distance Learning students.

I've learned that whatever hits the fan will not be evenly

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