Adam Smith wrote:
Try running it using strace, such as "strace portupgrade vim" and see what
it's doing.

Sorry I didn't get a chance to reply yesterday. I now have the strace port installed but have hit a small problem (as mentioned by Joshua Tinnin). I'm not familiar with strace either and is the error I see:

# strace portupgrade vim
strace: open("/proc/...", ...): No such file or directory
trouble opening proc file

A man procfs, was informative, but I'm a bit lost now on how to proceed...

Steven Friedrich wrote:
> Have you been reading UPDATING?

Certainly have.

> You might want to try what's there for this problem before you spend a > lot of time troubleshooting...
I got to step 5 and the problem was still happening:

"you can always deinstall portupgrade and all the ruby stuff (run "pkg_delete -r ruby-\*") and reinstall portupgrade as a last resort."

That didn't work, but ofcourse, I used "pkg_add -r ruby-devel".

Any ideas on how to proceed with the strace would be greatly appreciated.


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