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> As a fan of FreeBSD, I suppose it's also no surprise that I like the FreeBSD.org 
> website layout.
> Hoping to implement and learn a website content management system (CMS) myself, I 
> was wondering what software(s) FreeBSD.org uses to manage their vast website?
> I apologize if this information is posted on the site, but after looking for it for 
> some time I still came up empty-handed.

The site is built out of cvs at regular intervals -- different parts
of the site get rebuilt with different frequencies.  Take a look at
the www section of the FreeBSD cvs repository for details of how the
main parts are managed:



Mostly it's just a case of checking out the www collection from cvs,
and then running 'make' at the top level.  A lot of the html is
generated by doing XSLT transforms of XML input, or by processing SGML
input -- the XML stuff tends to be more recent, and seems to be slowly
taking over.

Large chunks of the website come out of the documentation project: see
the FreeBSD Documentation Project Primer for details of how they
generate the required output:


The FDP stuff is produced by processing SGML sources: it can be
turned into web pages, as here; or into PDF etc. for printing out in
book format.

Finally, take a look at the [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list, where the
project's webmasters tend to hang out:


There's quite a lot of cross-over between that list, and
[EMAIL PROTECTED] as you might expect.



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