I am running (or trying to run) 4.10.
On the latest go-around, I did a fresh
install via ftp, vanilla options with Xwindows,
kde for the desktop.
Then I went to /stand/sysinstall and
added kbear as a package via ftp from
freeBSD mirror site 13.  reboot,
startx, kbear shows up in "lost & found".

At least it worked this time, rather than
crashing the system.  logout, exit,
log in as root.  fsck says the file system
is a mess; does this and that to fix it.

My game plan is to limp along with just
what I consider my essential needs
(mostly email, internet access, and ftp
to the two web sites I manage) until
5.3 goes stable.

Any suggestions toward achieving that

(I know, this is a dual post, but I can't
work out exactly where to point the
finger on this.  The problem is in kde
stuff, but via a site maintained by 
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