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> Hi,
> I'm working on a project to change the network on my school to open
> source software only (FreeBSD/Linux workstations only).
> I knew about NIS from readings of the handbook years ago, so I
> revisited it today, but there' is something that's missing. I
> understand the NIS accounts reside on the master server and I have
> to add users on the master server. But then, users on workstations
> will have their home directories etc referring only to the local
> machine.
> I want to have users get their home directories from a central
> location too. Is there any 'official' process to make this work,
> with NIS if possible ?
> I plan to have a 'student-shared-area' that will be NFS mounted on
> every workstation on boot, but I want each user to have their files
> available, wherever they login from.
> Also, I assume there is no problem in using NIS accounts with X.
> From the logic of it, there shouldn't be any problems.

NIS exports info from a passwd file.  So this will include user
information and ect... groups can also be exported to... the means
using NFS you can export a file system or place on a fs. Allowing you
to export /usr/home or the like....

> A few last questions,
> Since I plan to switch the whole network from windows to FreeBSD /
> Linux(only adding linux because other people want it :-P), I'll need
> to substitute the following applications:
> - Visual C++ (anjuta)
> - MS Access  (?)

Just browse till you find a few you like... I personally like
xemacs... eclipse and a few others may be a possability too.

For Databases, there are quite a few aviable... check them out till
you find one that fits what you need. 

> I don't know much about access, but I believe it's possible to have
> a ms-access database server.. if that's the case, is there a open
> source client with a similiar GUI to ms access available ? (note:
> mysql/etc won't do, the school program says ms access, so we need
> something similiar)

If the school's whack jobs say you need specifically MS Access, you
are screwed then since afaik it has not been ported to any thing
except windows yet.
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