Curtis Vaughan wrote:

Ok, it looks as though cvsup from 4.8 to 4.10 has been successful.

Now, first off I want to say that I want this server to be a second Postfix / Courier IMAP server (our other is on a RedHat server, but that's irrelevant).

I feel that I should go ahead and first upgrade to 5.x and then install Postfix and everything else I will need (e.g., PAM/LDAP authentication, user folders, Samba, etc.). Otherwise, I'm afraid I stop at 4.10 and install all the applications I need, then when I really want to upgrade to 5.x I may find myself in trouble. But I am interested in what the rest of you think.


For various reasons, most of us mere mortals are advised
to simply backup and install 5.x to a new disk (or a cleaned
one, anyway).

I started to say why ... I find that I can make a list of new
features in 5.x, but am not necessarily aware of which
features make a complete reinstallation desirable.  I do
know that you can't use ufs2 unless you reinstall....

Kevin Kinsey
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