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> 1) Which versions of TCP does the FreeBSD 4.9 distribution support and
> implement -- we need to use TCP Reno, NewReno, Tahoe, SACK and T/TCP in our
> experiments.

SACK is not available in 4.9 -- although it is available in recent
5.x.  I've seen mention of a possible MFC of code to support SACK, but
as far as I'm aware, that hasn't happened yet.  In any case, once
MFC'd, you'ld have to upgrade to 4.10-STABLE to get it.  Actually, for
the purposes of experimentation you'ld probably be better off running
a recent 5.3-CURRENT or 6.0-CURRENT, although take note of the
warnings about WITNESS and INVARIANTS in /usr/src/UPDATING, and how
they affect performance.

I think all of the other features are available -- typically you'ld
use net.inet.tcp sysctls to turn them on or off: see the tcp(4),
ttcp(4) man pages for details.  Another good approach is just to
grep(1) through the kernel source code for interesting strings, and
read the comments, if not the code itself.



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