Martin Hasenbein wrote:
On 26 Aug 2004 (15:30:52) [1093527052], Mark Ovens wrote:

Hi Mark,

Thanks, yes, I was. I've changed it and restarted without ''-s'' but it still doesn't appear to be logging anything - I configured the router to log everything so the file should grow quite quickly.

Do you have any other idea(s)?

are you running some kind of firewall, like ipfilter or ipfw?

No, I'm not.

If so, did you open Port 514/UDP?
What happens, if you change this line in /etc/syslog.conf

    local2              /var/log/router/zyxel


        local2.*        /var/log/router/zyxel

and restart?

It is actually local2.*, it was a typo in my original post, sorry.



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