I am attempting to install FreeBSD 5.2.1 on a mini-itx Via c3 533.
I have a momentus 20 GB st92911A as the hard disk.

After I create my slice and /usr swap /tmp ext and go on with the
installation I get the following errors:
"Unable to make root filesystem on /dev/ad0s1a command returned status 36"
"Couldn't make filesystems properly.  Aborting"

The detected geometry for the drive is 38760/16/63
I looked this up on google and found:

When this geometry is used the install still does not work, and it believes
the drive is only 8 GB

Someone was nice enough to explain drive geometry in detail several months
back on this list.
I went back and read the post but I am still at a lose.  Perhaps it is not
the geometry?


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