On Fri, 27 Aug 2004 03:43:18 +0500, Hussain Umair
> hi all,
>    im tryin to get my bsd box to run as an email server on my local lan,
> squid is already running perfectly on that but my lan clients cannot
> retrieve their mails through pop or smtp

As far as I know squid is a proxy server and has nothing to do with
SMTP, POP etc.

>...ive tried everything but im
> getting nowhere my bsd box has an ip and the other one is a
> static given to me by my service provider ...now ive installed sendmail and
> qpopper but nothing seems to be working for me...and my lan users cannot
> recieve their mails from yahoo or hotmail on their outlook express...so

If you are trying to allow users to access their "YAHOO!" or "Hotmail"
account through your sendmail setup, then its quite unfortunate that
it CANT be done. However if your user does have a pay account from
"YAHOO!" then he can get things working with POP3. You need to fetch
the mail from the remote "YAHOO!" mailbox to your local mail server.
For that use something like fetchmail (cd /usr/ports, make search
key=fetchmail | more). Then you can further distribute the mail using
Qpopper. Also you need to run a SMTP relay to let the user mail "out".
But that is definitely not a good idea because almost all mail servers
check the reverse DNS before accepting mails and thus most likely the
mails would be rejected or delivered as spam to the target accounts.
For Outlook to work normally you coould set up a NAT. Refer to the
handbook for the nitty gritty details.

> kindly if any one has ne ideas to help me out here id b greatfull
> ....config's might help alot...thanks in advance...chao

You have the ideas now. Implementation is yours =)

Subhro Sankha Kar
School of Information Technology
Block AQ-13/1 Sector V
ZIP 700091
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