On Fri, 27 Aug 2004 10:58:23 +0200, "Marc van Woerkom"
> >I use the FreeBSD boot manager which comes with the 
> >system.
> Is there a difference between the one that sysinstall
> installs and the one in the tools directory of a 
> installation cdrom?
> Anyway, I put the 40GB drive as Master at the end of the 
> cable and the 2GB drive as Slave in the middle (everything 
> jumpered).
> I also read the C/H/S values from the drive cases.
> Installation was ok (the 40GB shows up as ad2, the 2GB as 
> ad3). But the boot prompt showed
> F1: ??? (refers to XP I guess)
> F2: FreeBSD
> F1 didn't do anything (except blanking some characters on 
> the screen).
> F2 came up with a "no kernel  0:ad(0,a)/kernel" or so 
> message.
> And in the bloody bios I have to set the hd type to 
> 'none', using 'auto' nor 'user' with C/H/S lead to a hang.
> So I am close to buy a new mobo this evening.

Well, I wouldn't dissuade you from the joy of buying new hardware, but
you can solve your problem more easily than that if you prefer.

Go back to your old familiar drive configuration and do one of the

1 - Install the FreeBSD boot loader on *both* hard drives.  Also be sure
to set the FreeBSD slice (a/k/a "partition" in Windows-speak) bootable
during sysinstall.  FYI: The '???' label will be for your Windows
partition, and it should work.

2 - Use the GAG boot loader.  It's simple as can be.  <URL:

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