Go back to your old familiar drive configuration and do one of the following:

1 - Install the FreeBSD boot loader on *both* hard drives. Also be sure
to set the FreeBSD slice (a/k/a "partition" in Windows-speak) bootable
during sysinstall.

During installation I did set the FreeBSD slice with the / system bootable, I also set the Windows partition bootable.
I believe, I choose install the boot manager on both
disks. In other words I hoped I did exact that way.
But it won't work.

FYI: The '???' label will be for your Windows
partition, and it should work.

I hoped so. And old Windows versions (on a different box) booted. That is why I start to wonder if XP is different.

2 - Use the GAG boot loader. It's simple as can be. <URL:

Yes, I guess I should use that or GRUB.

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