On Friday 27 August 2004 03:16 am, Anton Kazak wrote:
> > I just rebuilt it. So, they haven't popped a change in on us. This is
> > really a strange error so lets start at the beginning. What does your
> > cvsup port-supfile look like and how do you run cvsup to update your
> > ports. What options do you use on portupgrade? FWIW, config.guess is
> > extracted from the tarball.
> I make cvsup ports-all moning. Maybe problem in bsd.port.mk?

If there was a problem in bsd.port.mk, I would have seen it too. I cvsuped 
ports-all, and rebuild the INDEX[.db], just a few minutes before I read your 
first email.

Libtool-1.3 doesn't have any listed dependancies. I figured that a partial 
cvsup (!=ports-all) wouldn't affect it. The reason I wanted to see your 
supfile was to see if you had the delete option to get rid of old files. 

Your make.conf doesn't look that much different from mine.

I still don't see why your shell can't see the missing file, especially since 
it is part of the extract.


> > Do you have anything strange in your /etc/make.conf?
> My make.conf very simple:
> -------------------------------------
> CFLAGS= -O -pipe
> PERL_VER=5.6.1
> PERL_ARCH=mach
> NO_PERL=yo
> COMPAT3X=yes
> COMPAT4X=yes
> NOINET6=yes
> -------------------------------------
> > Kent

Kent Stewart
Richland, WA

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