hi folks,

well, i new to freebsd but i didn't find help in the newbelist. and
since i got this daily message from the list i think this is the right
place to go.

i am at the point to change my /etc/fstab file. well, there i can set
two numbers 1 for root file system; 2 for another ufs file system and
0 for everythin else. so, in my example here: why ist a ms-dos file
system set to 2 and not to 0? it isn't a ufs file system...*wondering*

also, why to distinguish between 1,2 and 0. there is a file system
declaration in the third column. so, i don't get it with the
differences and reasons for these three numbers. but i would like to
understand :-)

so, can someone help?

and, what does the term "userland" mean for freebsd?

o.k., i am kind of dump but i hope you can clear the fog in my brain




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