it was said:

>I am an international volunteer at the Institute for International
>Cooperation and Development (IICD - ). I am
>interested in starting a project in sub-Saharan Africa teaching people
>about Free and Open Source Software.  I would also like to teach
>people how to use a linux system.  I am testing several distributions
>for ease of use in a learning environment and would like to test
>FreeBSD.  I would like to know how I might be able to have a free copy
>of the latest stable version of FreeBSD shipped to me or how I could
>get a desktop or laptop computer preinstalled with FreeBSD donated to
>me.  Please contact me ([EMAIL PROTECTED]).  If you have any
>questions or would like more information on this project feel free to
>Thank you,
>Jason Keeney


You don't need to have any discs shipped to you. FreeBSD is available
for free from a number of sites around the world. You can find a list
of servers at:
(URL may have wrapped)
You don't say where in Africa you are, but one of the sites on the
above list is in South Africa. You really need to d/l just the iso of
disc 1 if you want the base system and ports skeleton. Of course, you
could d/l just the floppy images and do an ftp install to minimize your
online time even more.
What exactly is the project you're working on and in which country?
Perhaps we can be of service we if had more information.



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