I am an international volunteer at the Institute for International Cooperation and 
Development (IICD - www.iicd-volunteer.org ). I am interested in starting a project in 
sub-Saharan Africa teaching people about Free and Open Source Software.  I would also 
like to teach people how to use a linux or BSD system.  I am testing several 
distributions for ease of use in a learning environment and would like to test your 
distribution.  I would like to know how I might be able to have a free copy of the 
latest stable version of your distribution shipped to me or how I could get a desktop 
or laptop computer preinstalled with your distribution donated to me.
First of all, IICD, where I'm currently training to be a Development Instructor, is 
located in Williamstown, MA, USA.  We are trained to work on projects in Sub-Saharan 
Africa for Humana People to People (www.humana.org).  I just started my training 
period at the beginning of August and will be going to Angola.  I'm leaving in 
February and will be there for 6 months.  There are several projects that are 
currently running in Angola, but I haven't been given my specific assignment yet.  All 
I know is that I'll be working at one of their DNS schools.  (I'm not sure what DNS 
stands for....it's a Danish acronym--Humana is a Danish NGO)  The DNS schools are 
teacher training colleges.
There are already programs at the DNS schools to educate students on the basics of 
computer use.  Most of them will never have used a computer before.  I'm going to try 
to focus on teaching how to use office applications, web browsers, and email clients.  
Therefor, any machine that I might get donated would be used as a "home desktop" 
We have some training software that runs on all of the boxes here at IICD that can 
only be used on windows.  So I hope to acquire a total of 4-5 desktops or laptops to 
use as testbeds to run various distributions of linux or BSD.  I can then decide which 
will be the best to use for teaching others.  If I can get more than 4-5 machines, I 
would like to have them shipped to where I'll be in Angola.  I am also going to be on 
the road fundraising for the months of October and November (or however long it takes 
me to raise $6,000 by canvasing)  so it would be nice to have at least one laptop.  I 
hope to be done with the testing stage by then, but I would still need time to come up 
with a 6 month curriculum.
I've used several distirbutions of linux in the last 2 years (Mandrake, Red Hat, 
Gentoo, Slackware, and Arch) and already have begun making an outline of what I hope 
to acheive, but I want to know what system I'll be able to work on with my students 
before I make a detailed curriculum.
Any donations could be shipped to me at:
Jason Keeney
1117 Hancock Rd
Williamstown, MA 01267
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
Thank you,
Jason Keeney

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